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this is me. it’s terrifying.

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it’s nights like these, when I am far away from everything that I love, that I have to refocus, and tell myself to hold on. I may have not been in the audience tonight at the groundlings, watching Kristen perform. I may not have been in the alley with my friend when Kristen came out and talked to them.
But one of these days, I will be on the stage, I will work with her, in a professional context. There are more days and more times. Kristen will still be there. 

a new mantra that I have been saying to myself, one that I came up with after my last groundlings teacher told me to not get friendly with people I admire, is this: “Now, you dismiss me as a fan. Soon, you will respect me as a peer.”
I may seem crazy and fanatical and obsessive. And I am. I get that way about the things I love. But soon, doing and obsessing, and loving the things that I love will lead me to bigger and better versions. It just takes time.

tonight wasn’t my night. it wasn’t in my path to see her tonight. 

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UGH. Look at what I’m missing.

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kristen is at the groundlings tonight

I’m so sad

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killin it

plus she has a Tina Fey quote on her wall. A+

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LIFE HACK: disguise your nervous breakdown as a series of jokes

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where did you buy the autographed copy of amys book? :)



I bought it at indigo!

Here’s the link:

At least I’m hoping that I read this right!

can someone confirm that this is real????

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Favorite Celebs | Kristen Wiig

"When I first wanted to start acting, I was probably drawn to drama first and then I got into comedy, but I hope I can do a bunch of different things. I want to direct, I want to write more, and, I don’t know, do music and paint."

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Happy birthday to my role model, one of the strongest people I know.
Thank you for continuing to change how I see the world, and for helping me be a better version of myself.
Love you so much Amy!

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Losing followers when I post mental illness shit


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